VR Gardening with The University of Adelaide, ThinkDigital, and MoreSpaceForLight

In this workshop the Hero’s helped collaboratively design a community garden with a 360 tour, design sprint and Minecraft. Now taking their ideas and implementing them at The University of Adelaide Waite campus community garden. 

A big thanks to the University of Adelaide, Think Digital, Farm VR, and More Space For Light for making this project possible.

How it went

Learning ðŸ§
First everyone tried out a virtual 360 degree tour of the University of Adelaide’s Waite campus and community garden made in collaboration with Think Digital and Farm VR. In this tour there was interesting facts about different flora and fauna at the campus, and information for why community gardens are important for our environment and wellbeing.

Experimenting ðŸ‘©â€ðŸ”¬ðŸ§‘‍🔬
Next with More Space For Light there was a design sprint where hero’s thought about what produce they would like in a garden what would best represent them in the garden.

Creating ðŸŒ
Finally the Hero’s used Minecraft to develop their own garden, and after a few explosions of TNT some great projects came out.

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