During the Term 3 School holidays Nuro Hero held an ice-cream filled day in collaboration with Hokey Pokey Stirling, for young people disability. Many school holiday programs are inaccessible, or if they are accessible, they are segregated. With inclusivity in mind, we encouraged people to bring a sibling or friend to experience the day with them. 

The impact of this project was not limited to just the young people with disabilities and businesses involved. By showcasing the unique ice-cream flavours created by the participants in Hokey Pokey Stirling, the community was also able to see the capabilities of young people with disabilities. This helped to break down negative attitudes and stereotypes about people with disabilities in the community and further increase confidence in their abilities and potential to contribute to society and the workforce.

We are grateful to Hokey Pokey Stirling for making this project possible and providing their business as a platform to showcase their skills and abilities. By connecting young people with disabilities with businesses like Hokey Pokey Stirling, we can break down negative attitudes and stereotypes about people with disabilities, and create new opportunities for employment and community participation. We look forward to continuing to explore unique solutions to the disability and employment gap with projects like this one.