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We’re partnering with Cup and Carry to teach young people with disability about design and give opportunities to use this learning in their communities. After learning about design and branding in the module, Cup and Carry will choose a winning design. The winner will receive a prize pack and have their cup printed for cafe’s around Adelaide! The program is designed to be completed with a parent or carer. 

  • Learn about why branding is important
  • Practice how to take an idea to a final piece
  • Experiment with different art and design techniques

Make a final piece of art, which may be selected by Cup and Carry to make for local Cafe’s in Adelaide 

How it works


Learn about why branding is important and how you can contribute meaningfully using design


Get inspiration for your art and experiment with different art techniques and


Create your final design and upload it to the module


Be in the running for your design to be printed for cafes in Adelaide and win a prize pack


No! Anyone with lived experience with a disability, mental illness, or dealing with anything else can participate, we’ve had people in previous in-person programs who from ages 10-18. Also, we encourage inclusivity so if your child’s sibling or friend would like to participate along side them, they’re most welcome.

There’s no deadline, Cup and Carry can produce multiple batches of cups. We understand some people may take longer to get through the module than others, and we also understand that some people might sign up right before a winner is chosen. So, if a winner is chosen whilst you’re still completing the module, that is ok. The final design will be put into the next run of cups. 

We aim for inclusivity so we’re up to the task of trying to make the content accessible for different peoples needs. The online module is designed to be completed with facilitator who preferably understands their child’s needs. We’ve also set it up so you can take as long as you need to complete the module. 

One example we’ve addressed is for if someone has vision impairment or is blind. So instead of creating a piece of visual art for the cup, someone can record a poem or a short song. Then if the design is chosen as the winner, the visual component will be a QR code on the side of the cup for someone to scan and have an audio experience whilst having their coffee instead. 

Another example is for persons who have low mobility or other physical limitations and cannot physically do the art themselves. We think it’s totally valid to have a parent or carer physically do the art at the direction of the artist. This is building important skills around autonomy and independence. You can still participate in art and be an artist without physically doing the art. 

We have some cool stuff for the winner including

– a sleeve of their cups

– a professionally printed print of their art to hang up

– a tour of Cup and Carry to see their cups being made

– a $50 voucher for Art to Art so that they can continue designing things

– a special coffee cup token on their Nuro Hero profile

Don’t worry if you don’t win there will be more programs and opportunities. We want this to be a great educational experience too. The goal is to learn a new skill,  so we will also provide a Nuro Hero certificate to show what things you’ve learned in the module. This will include tangible skills like drawing or taking an idea to a real piece of art. It will also include intangible skills like autonomy, creative thinking, and confidence building.

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