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Buy Eco Friendly Quality cups + social impact Marketing

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to purchase the cups designed by Rufus, a young person with a disability who participated in our Kid’s Design Cups project. Your purchase also includes a marketing pack to help you showcase the positive impact of your business to your community. Not only will you be supporting Rufus’s passion for art and design, but you’ll also be making a positive impact in reducing disability stigma in society and the workforce.


Small Pack

200 cups
2 social media posts
(linked-in, instagram or Facebook)


Medium Pack

500 cups
4 social media posts
(linked-in, instagram or Facebook)
Email for your employees


Large Pack

1000 cups
8 social media posts
(linked-in, instagram or Facebook)
Email for your employees

About the Artist

Meet Rufus, the brilliant artist that created the winning design. Rufus has a passion for art and design and is excited to see their design on cups sold in cafes around Adelaide. By purchasing these cups, you’re not only supporting Rufus’s interests, but you’re also promoting inclusion and ability in our communities.

About the project

At NuroHero, we believe in creating meaningful opportunities for young people with disabilities to showcase their abilities and interests. Our Kid’s Design Cups project is the perfect example of this. We’ve partnered with Cup and Carry to teach young people with disabilities about design and branding, and the winning design, created by Rufus, will be featured on cups sold to cafes around Adelaide. Proceeds generated by this project will go towards buying Rufus art supplies to continue their interest in art and design.

The Kid’s Design Cups program was designed for parents and carers to complete with their children. Participants learn about branding and design, and have the opportunity to experiment with different art and design techniques. The winner of the program has their design printed on cups and sold to cafes around Adelaide. In this way the project can support young people with disabilities in pursuing their interests, whilst including business and community to reduce disability stigma in workforce and society.